Rana for intra-J&K dialogue to bridge fault lines

Jammu: National Conference on Saturday pitched for intra-state dialogue between the three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to preserve singular entity of the state and also to bridge the fault-lines being created by divisive forces on the basis of region and religion.

“The dialogue should be wide ranging; between the three regions and within the regions and their sub-regions; between religious and ethnic groups and between different shades of opinion”, Provincial President Devender Singh Rana said while leading the party functionaries in paying homage to Sheikh Nazir Ahmed at a function held at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan here this afternoon.

Devender Singh Rana

He said intra-regional broad-based dialogue has assumed added significance in the wake of mistrust being created by vested interests over a period of time in the recent past, which is not in consonance of the idea of Jammu and Kashmir. “A collective effort is needed to find out the genesis of fault-lines and suggesting corrective measures to revive and sustain the glorious ethos for which the state was known the world over”, he added.

However, expressing concern over machinations of polarizing elements, who were hell bent upon sowing the seeds of mistrust and hate, the Provincial President exhorted the people in general and National Conference cadre in particular to should their responsibilities of preserving the rich multi- cultural, multi regional, and multi ethnic ethos of the state. He said idea of Jammu and Kashmir cannot be bartered at the hands of any consideration, political, regional, ethnic or otherwise because if the composite pluralistic character of the state is not preserved, it will not only defeat the idea of Jammu and Kashmir but foil the idea of India as well.

“In a scenario where polarizing agents are taking central stage, the dialogue between the opinion makers of the Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions is crucially important”, Mr Rana said, lamenting that the enemies of the people of Jammu and Kashmir within and outside have joined hands to inflict scars on the State’s uniqueness, its glorious traditions and its great ethos for furthering their political ends. “This has become possible by nurturing secularism and strengthening bonds of brotherhood between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists besides satiating the urges and aspirations of the three distinct regions and their sub-regions”, he added.

The Provincial President said the politics of Jammu and Kashmir is subtly being diverted towards hate and mistrust by creating divide between regions and religions. He said the sinister developments of the recent past stand testimony to the fact that there is definite design to create wedge between the people of various faiths and regions in the state. “This is a dangerous trend, which is not in the interest of any segment of society or region”, he said and cautioned the cadre against duplicity and deceit of divisive elements elements. He described the fascist and reactionary forces as two faces of the same coin, which, he said, were trying to strengthen their constituencies by bringing people of the three regions and different faiths on eyeball to eyeball situation. He exuded confidence that the sagacious people of all the three regions will join together and foil the machinations being perpetrated to destroy secular fabric and undermine unity of the people. He said National Conference will not allow the peace inimical agents to succeed. (CNS)


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