Rashid Resolves to fight WPR Settlement Tooth & Nail

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Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Monday held a day -long conference on the move by Union Government to grant citizenship rights and other incentives to refugees from West Pakistan.

“The one day conference was titled “Conspiracy to Change Demographic and Constitutional Identity of Jammu and Kashmir” was held at Hotel Lala Rukh Srinagar  and was dawned by eminent personalities belonging to diverse walks of life,” a party statement said.

The statement while giving details said, “Maqbool Sahil, a prominent Author in his speech stated – “India on all instances of history has failed to solve the issue of Kashmir and tried to muzzle the rights of Kashmiris. We as a nation of Kashmir have successfully resisted every onslaught on our identity and now this fresh onslaught in form of granting citizenship rights to refugees of West Pakistan will be resisted successfully.”

Professor Syed Kirmani, Member Muslim Personal Law Board stated – “The question of granting citizenship rights to the refugees of West Pakistan does not exist. The creators of 1947 scenario India and Pakistan should solve this mess and not thrust it on people of Jammu& Kashmir.”

Professor Hameeda Nayeem, KCSDS chairperson stated- “ After attempts to erode article 370 and 305 (A),  now right wing forces are trying to grant citizenship rights to refugees of West Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir. We need to remember that ethnic rights are protected by international laws too. Only the Jammu & Kashmir assembly has power and right to grant citizenship rights to refugees of West Pakistan,” the statement said.

While speaking General Musa, a Pro-freedom figure, stated that on these burning issue we as a nation of Kashmir need to rise up above mainstream and pro-freedom polity front and forge a joint front to fight this onslaught.

While speaking on the occasion, GN Shaheen, prominent lawyer  stated – “We need to remember that this issue of granting citizenship rights to west Pakistan refugees concerns one and all conscious citizen of Jammu & Kashmir. The political base of National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party would be wiped out if this dangerous move is implemented.”

Senior Industry chieftain and social activist Shakeel A Qalander while speaking on the occasion stated – “We need to call this conference protection of Jammu & Kashmir Constitution. This issue of granting citizenship rights to West Pakistan is an issue of entire state and these refugees cannot be granted any citizenship rights under the parameters of logic and legality.”

Eminent Trade figures like Mohammad Yassen also termed the move to grant citizenship rights to these refugees as communal and full of bigotry.

The statement further said, “On the occasion number of resolutions were passed viz People of Jammu & Kashmir would oppose tooth and nail any move aimed to provide voting rights, citizenship rights to refuges of West Pakistan, second resolution passed called to settle West Pakistan refugees  in  parts of India or Pakistan rather than in state of Jammu & Kashmir . Third resolution all political parties of Jammu & Kashmir to unite over this and other related burning issues and called on every MLA to clarify his position on this serious issue. Fourth resolution castigated the repeated publishing of blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and called for strict action against these cartoonists and publications hurting the sentiments of Muslims all over world.”

Awami Ittihaad party (AIP) President Engineer Rashid modulated the entire programme and reaffirmed his resolve to fight tooth and nail any move to grant citizenship rights to West Pakistan refugees.


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