Rather than offering money to surrendered militants, Govt should talk to UJC unconditionally: Er Rasheed


Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed said that government seems to be completely confused how to deal with the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Kashmiris are peace-loving and want a permanent resolution to the political dispute. As Delhi has miserably failed them since 1947, Youth were forced to take up arms in 1989. One has every right to differ with those who take up arms but needs to understand that nobody has taken up a gun in his hands to make financial gains or get monetary benefits from the government against making surrender,” said Rasheed.

“Militancy is of course never a solution but the continuous denial of Delhi to initiate meaningful dialogue is the main reason for violence and militancy in Kashmir. Had only money been the reason then hundreds of security forces would never have committed suicide as they have been getting huge salaries, perks, and privileges from their organizations. By offering militants surrender against rupees six lacs is simply an insult to the resistance movement and speaks volumes of New Delhi’s arrogance,” said Rasheed.

“Nobody on earth can compensate loss of human lives and nor do those who have taken up arms in their hands want to lose their budding lives but seeing not even a slight ray of hope even at the end of dark tunnel pushes Youth to violence and their families are forced to suffer till they are alive,” Rasheed added.

Rasheed appealed Delhi that rather offering cosmetic measures and perks to militants it must offer unconditional talks to United Jihad Council.

He said, “The only way to bring back peace is to resolve 70 years long dispute in light of its historical perspective. Once New Delhi shows willingness and offers talks to UJC, guns will automatically turn silent and stop roaring.”

“Government needs not to forget the fate of those militants who gave up arms for one reason or the other. Those who came via Nepal or are jail returns have been facing worst every day at the hands of various agencies. Their self-respect and ego are being hurt on and often. As such it makes no sense for more than enough reasons to offer packages and it will be in the interests of all concerned parties not to humiliate militants by making monetary offers but talk to those who brought Kashmir dispute on the international focus.”



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