Regressive man


Endangered! – Photo: Shams Irfan

Shazia Najar

A little innocent soul free from all the sins of this world, she comes into the life of her parents as a blessing from the God, always there to soothe their nerves, to take away all the thorns from their life and just buzz around like a butterfly to make their world colorful and beautiful.

With a serene smile on her face she is always there standing with them in the biggest of the problems making them look very easy, but as it is when God provides people easily the most valuable things, they take them for granted and so is the case with a girl.

Despite being an asset for themselves most people do not value this precious being. In the hands of such people a girl has to go through a lot of hardships which takes away the enjoyable and cherishable moments of her life. Most of the ignorant people consider a girl child a curse and always inferior to a boy.

It seems like boys are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they are given the liberty to live the way they want to, to do whatever they wish, right or wrong. The cherry on the cake is that the biggest of their mistakes do not bring even the slightest of worry lines on the faces of the parents and at the same time girls are humiliated and treated like animals even without making a single mistake.

Or, we could say sometimes an animal is treated far better than a girl, but such girls are little lucky to see this world be it in such awful condition then the most unfortunate angels who are not even allowed to open their beautiful little eyes in this world. These little flowers are crushed before blooming, such is the condition of this so called civilized society, where people talk of themselves as modern and developing gentlemen and women, not to miss those doctors who play an equally important role in making such heinous crime happen and are partners in the crime.

Killing of girls is nothing new to this world. Its roots date back to the ancient times where the limits of barbarism were crossed and the girls were buried alive as the people thought that having a daughter is bound to make them bow their heads after their marriage and their son-in-laws will always subjugate them and walk over them.

Praises be to our beloved Prophet (PBUH) who strove a lot in changing such sick mentality and giving the girls the right to live a dignified life, but what has happened to the modern day people who consider a woman is no less than a man and can do all the things that a man can and is equal to him. Where is such mentality born that considers a girl as an unwanted thing, these are perhaps the questions which should make heads roll.

Is it the way our elders make us think about the girls by giving us the examples through the way women are treated at our homes? Is it the worry of the expenses that are to be made on their marriage or their safety from the anti-social elements? If the man is happy to have a mother, or a wife, then why not a daughter. Under the pre-conception and the pre-natal diagnostic technique (prohibition of sex selection) Act 1994 sex selective abortions are made punishable.

Section 315 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) also makes female foeticide a punishable act with imprisonment which may extend upto10 years, though the government has come to the rescue of girls with such laws, the girl child still needs more protection and this heinous crime of female foeticide needs to be strongly resisted by every society and individual. These steps by the Government are making a difference but a lot more needs to be done.


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