Rehabilitation Council: Thousands Benefitted in Last Three Years



In last three years, 2013-2016, state has provided no reimbursement of tuition fees, allowance for hostellers and financial assistance for psychological rehabilitation to the causalities of militancy.

State government has constituted a rehabilitation council, created under order no. 21 dated 14-02-1996. The council was created to provide physical, psychological and economic rehabilitation to the militancy causalities.

Pertinently, state was supposed to provide tuition of Rs 5000 every month, Rs 7000 per annum maintenance allowance for hostellers.

As per the documents accessed by Kashmir Life detailing about the numbers of last three years, state has benefitted 10,855 civilian widows, 7044 elders and 3080 with a pension of Rs 750 each. Besides, 383 young girls were assisted to get married. State spent Rs 20,000 on each one of them.

The state also provided scholarship to 5805 orphans in last three years.


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