Relaxing curbs of pro-resistance leadership is not any favour: Er Rasheed



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Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has expressed surprise over BJP’s statement that allowing pro-resistance leaders free movement is a confidence-building measure and has said that the decision to allow Geelani Sahab to offer prayers after eight years speaks volumes about New Delhi’s confusing mindset and level of oppression.

The spokesman said that while addressing a party function in Langate on Saturday Er Rasheed said “The decision to allow Geelani and others to carry out their political activities should not be seen as a concession or a favour to Kashmiris but an admission that New Delhi has been ruthlessly suppressing the political peaceful voice in Kashmir.

The decision is itself a moral victory of masses in general and pro-resistance leaders in particular as those who were asking saner voices to be thrown to Pakistan have finally  realized that Kashmir issue needs a political resolution and anyone who seeks ‘Right to Self Determination’ deserves to be heard and confronted politically with arguments and logic, Er Rasheed said.

“Allowing Geelani Sahab to offer Friday prayers after eight years has exposed the propaganda being carried out by National Media that Hurriyat leaders have no relevance and lack a popular support base in Jammu & Kashmir. If Govt. will allow all those forces seeking sincerely a resolution to Kashmir dispute to carry out their political activities it will come to know that majority of people in Jammu and Ladakh regions have a deep desire for resolution of Kashmir dispute,” Er Rasheed added.

Er Rasheed appealed Delhi to come out of confusions and take bold initiatives for resolution of Kashmir issue rather going for symbolic and cosmetic measures. He said “The policy of maintaining status-quo will ultimately harm New Delhi more than Kashmiris as pushing every Kashmiri to the wall creates a political vacuum and sense of hopelessness. Despite many drawbacks and questions marks pro-resistance leadership represents sentiments, aspirations and sacrifices of almost every Kashmiri and any effort to undermine the space and role of pro-resistance leadership will never help.”

“Let Delhi not forget that even the Israel the worst state inflicting atrocities on Palestinians and carrying their genocide has been wise enough to give political space to Palestinians and even holding direct and indirect talks with various Palestinian groups. Once New Delhi gives up arrogance and takes concrete and meaningful steps for a durable resolution to Kashmir dispute in Light of UN resolutions, it will take no time to those who are being called radicals and abused on daily basis to come forward and become part of the political process and contribute on principals of justice and mutual respect,”Er Rasheed said.

Er Rasheed appealed masses not to make their own interpretation and not to listen to the false propaganda by anti-Kashmiri forces trying to portray the decision of relaxing curbs on Hurriyat leaders.

He added that “while the real test for state begins now whether it keeps its promise, masses need to understand that Delhi is running short of options and the step through in the right direction is too little and too late.”


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