Release the detained youth, don’t compel them to pick AK-47: NC Lawmaker


Aakash Hassan


NC lawmaker from Srinagar’s Habba Kadal , Shamim Firdouse warned government of serious repercussions if the youth detained in the 2016 unrest are not released and rehabilitated immediately.

Shamima Firdous

Firdous was speaking on the discussion to the grants to the departments Chief Minister is holding charge of.

“Those youth booked under PSA should be left free as they are staying in jails with the people who are serving jail term for different crimes,” she said and added that “what will they learn from them being mostly students.”

She warned that the detained youth are being groomed inside jail with ideology that “strengthens their hate.”

“There should be rehabilitation centers for the youth detainees,” she demanded.

While warning Chief Minister of serious results by these detentions she said, “the 370 people under PSA can come up on roads with guns, I warn you.”

“They are being prepared so and when freed later they will again raise slogans of Bharat choad dou with AK-47 with them.”



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