Resistance movement is indigenous, Informers will find their place in hell: Geelani

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Srinagar: Chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Syed Ali Geelani while lashing at forces, said they are involved in serious war crimes in Jammu and Kashmir.

Strongly criticising the forces for killing civilians including Ashiq Reshi and Mushtaq Ahmed Itoo and injuring of scores of people in indiscriminate firing during an encounter in Frisal Kulgam, Geelani in statement said that opening fire on unarmed people and making civilians as shield shows the height of state terrorism. “Nobody asks them, nor they feel accountable for their crimes,” said Geelani.

Terming the statement of a state minister ridiculous, Geelani said “their rhetoric about such enquiry commissions is just an eye wash and deceit. There is no reason to accept its creditability as they just want to pacify the sentiments of people and till now none among the accused was brought to book, punished or declared guilty.”

Rejecting the propaganda of state machinery that people’s uprising in valley is Pakistan sponsored, Geelani said that it is unfounded and while lashing at unscrupulous persons for their folly, said that these elements for petty gains are providing information to forces.

Blaming forces for increasing deteriorating situation in state, Geelani said “Indian forces are using brute and un-proportionate forces against unarmed civilians and taking revenge from innocent citizens.”

Killing Ashiq Rishi, Mushtaq Ahmad Itoo and injuring scores of unarmed civilians are clear instances that forces have declared war against innocent citizens, added Syed Ali Geelani.

Reacting to the statement of a state minister wherein he has called for an enquiry into the Kulgam episode,  Geelani said “it is just mockery and simply eyewash. They are not sincere and it is their ploy to cool down the resentment from people.”

“They are enjoying the impunity under the garb AFSPA and Disturbed Area acts and it serves a license for them to kill anybody. It is impossible to halt such events unless these incidents are investigated by some international agencies and culprits brought to book,” said Geelani.

“Arrogance of power, stubborn and inflexible approach of India is the basic cause that our youth are joining armed ranks,” he added.

Referring to people’s uprising in 2016,  Geelani said that policy makers in Delhi never bother to heed the screams and continuously ignore right voices. “This is the basic cause that human lives are at stake and with every passing day the situation turns uncontainable and grave.”

Suggesting rulers in Delhi to read writing on wall, Geelani said people in state since last seventy years are striving for right to self -determination and it is ridiculous to blame Pakistan for so-called inter border insurgency. “Refusal to acknowledge the basic rights is pushing our youth towards  armed struggle and the main cause of losing our budding youth .Resistance movement is indigenous and our youth are striving for mission  and most them have never crossed these borders ,said Geelani.”

“They are local youth and are exhibiting their valor against the  brutalities and hegemony of India,” he added.

While lamenting those who lend and support these “brutal forces and provide information”, he  said that “they are enemies of nation, most immoral lot and they will certainly find their place in hell.”

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