Respiratory tract cancers on alarming rise in JK: Dr Sameer Kaul


Kashmir’s leading cancer specialist and senior consultant Surgical Oncology at Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, Dr Sameer Kaul on Saturday said that people in Kashmir must limit consumption of roasted red meat and dried vegetables to prevent an alarming rise in Upper Respiratory Tract Cancers.

Speaking on the sidelines of the cancer clinic, Dr Sameer Kaul said that the Upper Respiratory Tract cancers especially Gastro Intestinal cancers are the most common cancers in J&K and there has been an alarming rise in the incidences during last decade.

Sameer Koul on Cancer in Kashmir

“The most common reasons for these kinds of cancers are unregulated consumption of pickled & dried vegetables, and red meat in roasted and grilled form. People must limit this kind of food to prevent the alarming increase in these cancers,” he told media during an awareness program at Kashmir Clinic here.

The program was organised by Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi following the increase in cancer patients at the health institution over the years.

He said the lack of awareness was also a major factor in the increase of cancer in Kashmir.

“There is no authentic scientific research done in J&K on the incidences of cancer so far because there was no cancer registry in tertiary care hospitals in the state. Whatever is available is based on clinical experience and observational studies by doctors. So, we can’t really aware people fully with authenticity about cancer treatment, its prevention, and other things,” Dr Kaul said.

According to him, the treatment facilities available for cancer in Jammu and Kashmir are largely obsolete.

“Now it’s time for precision oncology where a personalized treatment is given to the patients using genetic mutation at the molecular level. The treatment targets a particular cell without affecting the normal cell unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy,” the Oncologist said.

He said the cancer treatment facility for J&K patients must be upgraded so that they get benefited and cancer incidents are reduced.

“Government must bring an insurance policy for people so that they can afford expensive treatment for various diseases. It is nearly impossible for low middle-income families to afford modern cancer treatment even if they sell their everything,” he said.

Dr Kaul believes that health insurance will solve the majority of the health-related problems for 80 percent of the population.

“Government should also encourage private partnership in the health sector so that competition increases. This will directly benefit the poor people as they will get affordable treatment,” he said.


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