Results of 2014 Elections Would Be Similar To Elections Of 1977: Omar

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NC Working President Omar Abdullah Sunday congratulated the National Conference cadre across the State for a historic mobilization of support in favor of National Conference and said that this wave of support had come as a huge shock to PDP. While addressing gatherings in Rajpora, Tangmarg and Beerwah, NC Working President Omar Abdullah said that it had become evident now that National Conference was poised to emerge as the single largest party in the State and form the next Government on its own.

“The way our cadre has mobilized sweeping support for the party across the State is commendable and our workers deserve to be lauded for rising up to the expectations at perhaps the most crucial Assembly Elections in recent times as far as J&K’s political dignity and interests are concerned. I haven’t gone to a single constituency to campaign where I haven’t seen an overwhelming passion in our workers and there seems to be a clear pro-NC sentiment. I assure all of you that I will ensure that our collective efforts are successful and together we will all protect our State from communal forces and their proxies and stooges within Jammu and Kashmir” the NC Working President said while addressing the public gathering.

Omar said that the elections of 2014 are similar to the elections of 1977 in a lot of ways and the results would also be similar. “In 1977, when Sher-e-Kashmir was ill and indisposed, analysts and detractors wrote us off. We all rose and roared in 1977 as we have stood up to be counted today and we scripted a historic, overwhelming victory in 1977. In 2014 we have stood up again to stand in defense of our political aspirations, our dignity and the future of our children and the results of these elections will be similar to the results in 1977. National Conference has fielded clean, honest and dedicated candidate to represent the voice and issues of the common man and these candidates are our warriors who will stand to protect Article 370, our special status and our political individuality besides dedicating themselves to the development and progress of our State”, Omar Abdullah said.

The NC Working President said that Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah’s legacy was the inspiration behind the war-scale mobilization seen in the NC cadre today and that this same inspiration would provide succor to our efforts to do justice with the people of our State. “Enough is enough. BJP cannot humiliate and abuse us at will. They cannot trivialize our struggles of the last eight decades by demeaning our political aspirations. BJP should know that this is Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah’s Jammu and Kashmir and not Shyama Prasad Mukherjee’s Jammu and Kashmir. This is a Jammu and Kashmir that has given blood for honor and dignity and rendered innumerable sacrifices to protect our political rights. While they might have the money to buy over stooges and cronies to further their ambition to abrogate Article 370, National Conference has the overwhelming support of the people to foil all such attempt and hand them a humiliating verdict”, Omar Abdullah added.

The public meetings were also addressed by NC Candidate for Tangmarg Sheikh Mustafa Kamal and NC Candidate for Rajpora, Mohuiddin Mir.


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