ReTs selection froze due to resource issues, litigations: Altaf Bukhari


Minister for Education Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, on Monday, informed the Legislative Assembly that the government has suspended the ReT selection to first consolidate the resources vis-a-vis financial implications and rationalization of schools.

“We are already facing problems in paying salaries of serving ReTs due to resource issues. It has been decided to go for a new selection of ReTs only after resource assessment,” the Minister told the house in reply to a Calling Attention Notice moved by MLA Abdul Majid Padder in this regard.

The Minister said that a large number of litigations are also a reason for the pendency of ReT cases.

Responding to specific queries, the Minister said 59 panels of ReTs are pending in Kulgam district of which 17 are sub-judice. “Similarly, in case of Noorabad Constituency, there are 15 panels pending, of which 3 panels are sub-judice,” the Minister added.


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