Role of men in uniform in recent attacks can’t be ruled out: NC

KL Report


Pointing fingers at the government forces, Additional General Secretary of ruling National Conference (NC) Mustafa Kamal Monday said the involvement of uniformed men cannot be ruled out in the recent attacks in Kashmir.

Kamal, said: “We can’t rule out the hand of uniformed men in the recent attacks. There are vested interests and various shades in the belt force like people from Jamaat-e-Islami who in the past have carried out such attacks and they can do this time also.”

On Sunday, twin explosions rocked Khanyar in Old City and Magam in Central Kashmir. In Khanyar, explosion took place during the address of NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah. In Magam, the explosion took place when preparations for NC rally were underway and it left 17 people injured due to splinters according to hospital official. Both the attacks were claimed by Hizbul Mujahideen.

Kamal added: “various shades present among uniformed men also resort to violence.” He said the ‘violent elements’ among uniformed men have been caught in the past.

“These attempts are made to scare away voters to enforce boycott by the supporters and mentors of militants,” he said.

Hitting out at both Indian and Pakistan governments, Kamals said: “There are vested interests in Government of India and also in Pakistan,” adding: “They want to reclaim land of Kashmir and have nothing to do with people.”

“India is following ‘carrot and stick’ approach in Kashmir while Pakistan is taking revenge for 1947 from Kashmiri people,” he alleged.

The NC leader said there are few politicians in New Delhi who favour violence in Kashmir.

Slamming militants and pro-freedom leaders for asking people to boycott polls, Kamals said: “They have stopped people from voting by fear and gun. They are using Islam to justify their calls and approach. They resorted to killing. The movement of separatists is based on violence and hate.” He said the low turnout in South Kashmir is the fallout of killings and militant violence. (GNS)


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