RTI Movement Denounces CIC’s Statement

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The Jammu and Kashmir RTI Movement Wednesday denounced the statement of Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) wherein ‘he had called for secrecy and suggested that a provision be made in the Right to Information act so that any information or record remained open for public access for three years only’.

In a statement issued to KNS, Chairman of the RTI Movement Dr Sheikh Gulam Rasool while referring to CIC’s remarks said: “The statement is totally disappointing in which the head of transparency institution of J&K advocates secrecy, when our state is suffering worst regime of corruption and has been ranked among top most corrupt states by Transparency International. In spite of encouraging secrecy CIC should have compelled Government and Public Authorities to implement Section 4 of the act which states proactive disclosure and section 23 which deals with awareness about RTI act in the state”.

“We suggest CIC to work within ambit of RTI Act and use discretion within his given mandate, such statements encourage public servants to put obstacles in the process of transparency,”  said Sajad Rasool an activist.

“This type of statements are discouraging our work against corrupt people in the state, we expect CIC to mount pressure on PIO’s for the speedy delivery of information, ” Bilal Ahmad Bhat (State Coordinator).

Meanwhile, the J&K RTI Movement conducted a one day seminar on J&K RTI Act 2009, on its 4th anniversary at Town Hall Beerwah. Hundreds of activists, common people and students participated in this programme.  “The programme was meant to create awareness among general public especially people from rural areas. Grass root level activists associated with the Movement discussed various challenges faced while filing the RTI applications and their solution.

RTI is the best tool to fight the menace of corruption and all the people from all the walks of life must use it in a proper way to work for an open and transparent system the state”, said DR Shaikh Ghulam Rasool Chairman J&K RTI Movement and co convener NCPRI .

He said the RTI Movement will keep on working for awareness and education of the Act in rural Kashmir, under which village level committees have been setup in various areas. “We are teaching the use of law in villages and it is our preference and motto. We want state government to implement section 23 which deals with awareness among people by the Government. “so far government has failed in implementing sec 4 and 23, which shows how much sincere the state government is in implementation of RTI law in the state, our state is most corrupt hence laws like RTI will help in eradicating this menace, said Khurshid Ahmad Sanoori.


  1. RTI is an an law which any citizen can exercise.but uf u want to join J&K RTI movement ,we wellcome you.join us for Transparency and accountablity in Govt.
    Our adress is Muneer manzil Rajbaag srinagar.near Huriyet office.


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