Ruling Parties to Blame for Zanskar Trouble: Mehbooba

KL Desk

After discussing the prevailing conditions with the representatives of the local civil society, Mehbooba Mufti, president Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said that the humanitarian crisis in Zanskar are prevailing because of the sheer negligence and instances of biased conduct by the administration.

“The government has almost withdrawn from the area and had left the people to their own fate” said Mehbooba Mufti in an official statement. “We were told that the official delegation which landed here in Padum nearly one month after the initial trouble, spent less than an hour with the minority and did not even visit the victims of violence. They did not inspect the houses that have been damaged in the unfortunate incidents” reveals the statement.

PDP president has expressed relief at the strong desire of the Muslim and the Budhist community of Zanaskar to restore their traditional bonds of amity and brotherhood.

Mufti, who was on official visit to Zanaskar and stayed over a night in Padum, said, “The onus on maintenance of law and order and providing protection to the citizens rests with the government. It seems the coalition partners NC and Congress are stoking the fires of communalism in the region to promote their partisan interests which unfortunately are linked to their pursuit of narrow and unprincipled politics”.

The statement reveals, government had announced a relief of Rs. 3 lakhs to more than two dozen families who have suffered extensive damage to their homes and property. But the PDP demand adequate compensation to the victims and their complete rehabilitation by the government.

The statement from PDP president also states that some of the victims live in extremely bad conditions and in absence of any help from the government which led to their further victimization.

“A few families had been disinherited of their ancestral property and the matter had been taken to civil court in far off Kargil. It is a fit case for the government to provide free legal assistance and even to intervene through community efforts to sort out the matter amicably out of court, reads the statement.


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