Ruling PDP Gets Cadres To Srinagar, To Push “Peace Agenda”

PDP workers in a party convention on November 13, 2016 (KL Image: Meraj Bhat)

PDP workers in a party convention on November 13, 2016 (KL Image: Meraj Bhat)



Ruling PDP on Sunday drove a number of its cadres to its Srinagar office and invited the entire second line leadership to interact. Those who spoke to them included ministers, party functionaries and the lawmakers.

In a statement issued later in the evening, the Peoples Democratic Party said it has underscored the need to push forward the agenda of peace and development through reconciliation and dialogue at all levels. Terming the gathering “an impressive day long convention” of workers from the central Kashmir, the party said PDP agenda “incorporates the answer to the political, economic and social crisis that has taken a heavy toll on the state during the present spell of uncertainty and ever since the partition.”

The party called upon the stakeholders to focus on political means and through the medium of well-established democratic institutions to wriggle the state out from the brink of abyss, the statement issued to the media said.

The statement quoted Muzaffar Hussain Beigh saying the party will not be cowed down by any nefarious designs aimed at our economic subjugation, degradation of ethics and values. He exuded confidence in the track record of PDP and said the resistance against the system are attempts to annihilate the institutions of governance. “Socio-economic up-liftment and empowerment of the people forms the very basis for any forward movement towards any political resolution,” Beigh said.

Lamenting over the huge losses suffered by the younger generation and teenagers as a result of protests, Beigh implored all the stake holders for an honest appraisal to fix the responsibility for the present uncertainty.

“Losses to economic sector, trade and tourism are virtually irretrievable and someone will have to account for it. Misery and agony has been forced upon people due to the political short-sightedness of the detractors of this society,” he added.

Extolling the participation of a huge number of workers in all the three conventions held in north, south and central Kashmir in the past weeks, senior leader and  party General Secretary , Mohammed Sartaj Madni said their support vindicates the popular base of PDP and the ideological commitment of its supporters.

pdp1“Party has and will come out safe and secure with a fresh resolve to accomplish the vision of Mufti Sahab which envisages resolution of Kashmir issue through empowerment of the democratic institutions, self-reliance and sustenance of a strong society,” the statement quoted Madni saying.

Pitching for an open debate over the damages to the education sector, Madni, expressed hope that saner elements in the society should unanimously raise their voices so that the society is ultimately geared up for some kind of realism.

Earlier, a local news gatherer reported Beig saying that a conspiracy was hatched to kill Burhan Wani with the intention of de-stabilsing Mehbooba Mufti government. He also claimed that Narendra Modi being a Hindu majority prime minister is the only courageous man to resolve Kashmir issue.

“Narendra Modi is a prime minister elected by majority Hindu community and he alone can resolve Kashmir issue and it was with this intent that PDP preferred an alliance with BJP on government formation in Jammu & Kashmir State,” Beig was quoted saying. “Even if a Muslim becomes a prime minister of India he will not be in a position to resolve Kashmir issue.”


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