Sainik Colonies More Dangerous Than 2008 Shrine Board Issue: Geelani



Syed Ali Geelani addressing press on May 02, 2016 at his Hyderpora residence-cum-office. (KL Image: APHC-g Media)
Syed Ali Geelani addressing press on May 02, 2016 at his Hyderpora residence-cum-office. (KL file Image: APHC-g Media)

Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani Saturday defined the current situation in Kashmir is “resist or breathe your last breath”.

In a statement issued All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g), Geelani referred to proposed establishment of “Sainik Colonies” in Kashmir and termed it as “killing for the Kashmiri nation”.

“Any carelessness on this sensitive occasion will prove a final nail in the coffin of our existence, identity and our freedom struggle and we will become strangers in our own land,” Geelani said.

Observing that there was “no legal or moral justification in settling the former Indian army men in the disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir leaving aside the 29 states of India”, Geelani said, “it is an open aggression and hooliganism and to counter this aggression Hurriyat Conference will formulate a strategy to gather a national consensus on this issue.”

“The status of Jammu Kashmir is quite different from other states of India. It is a disputed territory and it is waiting for its final and permanent solution. India is holding this state with the help of its military might and this occupation has no moral and constitutional justifications,” he said.

The ailing octogenarian Hurriyat Conference (g) chairperson said, “Jammu & Kashmir has its own constitution and this constitution also does not permit any non-local to settle here. The establishment of the Sainik Colonies is not only a dangerous plot to influence the disputed nature of Jammu & Kashmir but it is also a deliberate attempt to end the special status of this state.”

“India is working on many long term and short term programs to continue its illegal forced occupation in Jammu & Kashmir. And the most important part of this plan is the changing the demography of the state so that the Muslim majority will get converted into minorities. And the setting up of Sainik Colony is also a part of this dangerous game. In last 25 years, India killed thousands of innocent Kashmiri people, thousands have been murdered in government custody and about 10 thousand people have been subjected to enforced disappearance. Many molestation and gang rape incidents by the government forces have come to fore with witnesses and proofs and more than 7 thousand unmarked graves have been discovered about which nobody knows that who are buried in them,” Geelani said.

“Instead of holding the impartial investigation into these grave war crimes and the involved personnel be held accountable for their crimes, India is planning to give these army men a bonus and reward in the shape of settling them here in Kashmir so that they will continue their criminal acts against the Kashmiri nation,” he said adding, “it is grave injustice and worst oppression the world had ever seen.”

“The establishment of Sainik Colonies in Kashmir is actually the imitation of the settlement plan of the Israeli government in Palestine by which the citizens of Palestine were rendered homeless and they became strangers in their own land. The establishment of Sainik Colonies is more serious issue than the transferring of land to the Shrine Board in 2008 and every citizen of Jammu & Kashmir will have to face the serious consequences of this plot,” Geelani added.

Geelani said, “my humble and heartfelt appeal to the nation is that they should understand the seriousness of this plan and resist it. It is not any simple issue but it is killing for the entire Kashmiri nation. We will hold consultations in this regard and will collect national consensus to counter this move.”

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