Samba Killing, Bulldozing of Muslim Houses a Shameful Act of Ethnic Cleansing Done by RSS: Malik



Muhammad Yasin MalikJKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday termed Samba killing and bulldozing of residential houses a shameful act of ethnic cleansing that is being done at the behest of “communal forces like RSS”.

Rulers, their police and authorities, Malik said, have become tools of oppression against Muslims of Jammu.

While condemning the killing of an innocent Muslim at Samba and vandalizing of 40-year-old residences of Muslims there, Malik said terrorizing Jammu Muslims started with the installation of BJP/PDP rule in J&K and when Muslims living in Jammu were told to leave their homes on the pretext of these being on forest lands.

“Now the same has been started in Samba on the pretext that people living in these areas have illegally constructed their homes on these lands,” he said. “The irony of the matter is that rulers, their police and authorities seem to target only Muslims in this context as if only Muslims have grabbed these lands.”

Malik said that this is actually a conspiracy hatched in Nagpur and its target is to get Jammu cleaned from Muslims.

“Jammu Kashmir police, civil administration and its other components are implementing this RSS agenda and have started an ethnic cleansing of Jammu Muslims on the pretext of cleaning forest lands, illegal construction and so on,” he said. “Civil administration and police have become tools of oppression against Jammu Muslims.”

Malik said that Kashmiris will not remain silent over these conspiracies and oppression unleashed on Jammu Muslims.

“We warn rulers, occupational authorities, civil administration and police to refrain from these anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri activities and stop implementing RSS agenda immediately,” he said. “If these oppressive activities are not halted immediately and intimidating Jammu Muslims is not stopped, Kashmiri Muslims will have no option but to launch a stiff resistance against it and responsibility of the consequences will remain on the shoulders of rulers and their administration.”

While condemning the killing of an innocent Muslim Muhammad Yakoob by police firing at Samba, Malik said that “trigger happy soldiers and their officers know nothing but to kill and when target is a Muslim, their thirst for blood gets increased and they kill will total impunity”.

Meanwhile JKLF has expressed its grief and sorrow over the sad demise of sister of JKLF “martyr” Muhammad Yakoob [email protected] While praying for the heavenly abode of the deceased, JKLF expressed solidarity with her bereaved family.

JKLF has also condemned oppression unleashed across Islamabad localities like Pushwara, Danter, Nathpora, Khanabal, Nundapora, new colony and Botengoo etc.

“Police and forces have unleashed a reign of terror across these areas and nocturnal raids, arrests and terrorizing innocent youth especially students have become an order of the day. JKLF strongly condemns this reign of terror,” Malik said.


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