Satisfying Conscience


Er. Rasheed

The recently concluded budget session of state assembly has yet again proved that New Delhi does not want any individual or party to deviate from or cross the lines drawn by it from time to time in the name of so called national interest, though very often it proves to be a vested political interest. The way New Delhi, without taking any charge on itself, managed disallowing of a resolution seeking mortal remains of Afzal Guru back has raised many questions regarding sincerity and ultimate objectives of two largest regional political parties including NC and PDP.

On one side, the match-fixing between PDP and NC which ended at PDP boycotting the session to avoid confrontation over Afzal Guru issue has ruthlessly exposed both these parties. At the same time, the credibility of state legislature also comes under heavy clouds of doubt. By just claiming that Mufti Sahab and Omar Abdullah have written two letters to PM seeking Afzal’s mortal remains back, both these parties cannot run away from their responsibilities over the issue, starting from the day of rejecting resolution to seek clemency for Afzal Guru and ending in failure of the assembly to get even the dead body back.

Nobody will ask them that what they have tried. Kashmiris are genuinely interested in knowing that what they have ultimately achieved. No doubt, the claims of these parties of being largest ones and having tallest leaders are very true but unfortunately they have not been able to play role of tall leaders.

These two parties could have played very constructive role in assembly at this most crucial juncture and at a time when even ordinary Kashmiris were feeling a sense of defeat. But the writing on the wall is clear. One fails to get an answer on why these two large regional parties feel that without the blessings of New Delhi they can’t even give a phone call where it could have meant something. At least, our MLAs who never miss to call each other honorable at least twice in one sentence in and outside assembly should have taken a cue from the Tamil Nadu Assembly which passed a resolution seeking plebiscite for Tamils in Sri Lanka and forced DMK to pull out from UPA.

Though these acts amount to interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country but still one becomes optionless in praising the Tamil Naidu MLAs who truly deserve to be called as Honorables. However, no matter how much darker this side of state assembly may be, no Kashmiri can afford being indifferent to the happenings, small or big, good or bad, taking place in this assembly whose Chief Minister cries helplessness and the largest opposition party confesses they are 87 daily wagers. I only added fuel to the fire when I said that the lawmakers were seasonal laborers hired on need basis.

The reason is obvious; that the state assembly can’t get Afzal Guru’s body back but it can pass a dirty police bill, form modalities for Dogra certificate, give citizenship to slum dwellers, pass the laws which can change demography of the state and turn the state into a lawless island. Therefore, only way to stop this institution from turning into a graveyard of aspirations for Kashmiri people is either that no Kashmiri should contest the election or whosoever gets elected should speak sense, show sincerity and satisfy his conscience always. Let us decide which of the two options is workable.

The author is an independent lawmaker representing Langate constituency in J&K state legislature.


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