Satya Pal Calls PM Modi ‘Very Arrogant’, Says Ended up Fighting With Him

SRINAGAR: Kashmir’s former “Foot in Mouth” Governor, Satya Pal Malik has landed in yet another controversy by accusing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being “arrogant”.

Satya Pal Malik had gone to meet the Prime Minister to discuss farmers’ issue, he said that he ended up calling the Prime Minister “very arrogant” within five minutes of the conversation, NDTV reported.

“He (the PM) was very arrogant. When I told him that 500 of our own farmers had died, he asked, ‘Did they die for me?'”, he said while addressing a function in Haryana on Saturday.

“I told him yes, since you are the king. Anyway, I ended up having a fight with him. He told me to meet Amit Shah and so I did,” the former Jammu and Kashmir Governor said.

He said that when a dog dies, PM sends letters of condolences. The report said that Congress Leader, Malik Arjun Kharge had shared the video of the statement on Twitter in which Mr Malik can also be heard saying, “When I met Amit Shah, he told me ‘Satya, he has lost his mind. You be carefree and keep meeting us’.” Home Minister Amit Shah was allegedly referring to PM Modi, according to Mr Malik.

Meanwhile, Former Chief Minister and National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah while reacting to the reports on twitter said, “This man was their hatchet man in J&K now he bites that hand that fed him. The people of J&K can certify the untrustworthiness of Mr Malik.”


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