‘Save Kousar Nag Front’ to move court against Yatra

KL Report


The locals at Kousar Nag have expressed strong resentment over the demand of the Yatra at the tourist place, stating that the move is a deep conspiracy to grab the serene landscapes of Kashmir valley.

Talking to KNS, the locals hailing from the area stated that they will approach the court of law and will submit the petition against any plan of giving this tourist place a religious colour.  They stated further that the stream flowing since centuries is not any religious place and that no historical account proves that Yatra must be executed at the stream.

Substantiating their claims, locals stated that Kousar is a ‘Quranic’ word and no where the religious texts of Hindus or Muslims prove that the tourist spot has any religious reverence.

Reports informed that locals of the area constituted a forum naming it Save Kousar Nag Front and around 30 members from the area were elected with the responsibility to safeguard this tourist place and not to allow any group to disturb the ecological balance there.  They stated further that since some members of the Hindu community have sought approval to carry forward a Yatra to this place on July 31, they will not oppose the government order but at the same time no such action shall be allowed in future.  Terming it a conspiracy against the tourism of Kashmir valley, the locals stated that there are thousands of river streams in valley and when people will be given free hand to disturb the environs, the situation ahead would be dreadful.

They stated further that they will, in the near future, initiate a public awareness program about the issue and also will submit a petition against the action in the high court here. Pertinently, an amalgam of various Hindu parties has decided to arrange a rally on July 30 that will start its march from Gagran and will reach Kousar Nag.

Reportedly, DC Kulgam has also approved the Yatra till July 31 and 100 persons have been allowed to participate in the same.  On July 31, special worship of Lord Shiva is scheduled to be arranged at Kousar Nag. The stream provides water to two districts of South Kashmir, Kulgam and Shopian and is also the main supplying stream for Aharbal waterfall.


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