Scintillating show by Deaf & Dumb students

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It was a cultural show with a difference. The dancers were moving their feet with perfect facial expression synchronizing with lyrics and music that they were not actually hearing, for the performing artists were deaf and dumb. The loud music played at which they danced was for the entertainment of invited audience at Jammu Club. The talented artists were the students of a school being run by a charitable society, J&K Samaj Kalyan Kendra.

Incredible as it was, the audience was stunned to witness a unique spectacle as none of them could make out any difference of their dancing talent and that of those who have their hearing faculty intact.

The show started with a dance of two 7th class students- Roshi and Satti, at tune of a popular bhajan “Yashoda maiya tera kaniya..”  The movement of their feet on the floor with occasional full turn of the body with different musical notes left everyone dumbfounded.  Their colourful costumes, facial expression and movement of steps were perfect. It was followed by “Shiv Tandava” by Vakesh Sharma of Katra. Attired like Lord Shiva holding the holy ‘trichul’( trident) in one hand and the damru (small drum) in another, Vakesh  descended on the floor to the recorded tune of Shiv Tandava hymn and mesmerized the audience with his stunning and energetic performance.

The Chief Secretary B R Sharma was present on the occasion and  lauded the performance of these specially challenged students and recalled his visit to the school in the first week of May this year. He assured that the government  would provide all possible assistance to the NGO which is doing a noble work.



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