Second Thoughts: House Pays Tributes to Dead Hajj Pilgrims



As Speaker Kavinder Gupta was about to conclude his homage to the lawmakers in the obituary references, law minister Basharat Bukhari intervened and requested him to include the Hajjis who lost their lives during the pilgrimage.

Over 1000 Muslims lost their lives in crane crash incident and Mina stampede and over 2000 were injured last month.

Acceding to law minister’s suggestion, Speaker paid homage to the late Hajj pilgrims.

Five Kashmiri Hajjis lost their lives while five others were injured in the two incidents. In the business of the houyse that was circulated, the secretariat had restricted the obituary reference to 10 individuals who passed away since the budget session. Barring the former president APJ Abul Kalam, all were state subjects and had served the house.

At the end of obituary references, leader of opposition in lower house, Omar Abdullah paid homage to the deceased Hajjis and other ex-members of state legislature.


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