Security Measures Panic Srinagar

KL Report


Residents here were taken by surprise this morning as large contingents of CRPF and police were deployed around main business hubs in the capital city. Many drop gates had emerged overnight at a number of road crossing as cops would stop cars at barricades and start vehicle-searches, something that was a standard practice at the peak of militancy.

“From Lal Bazar to Lal Chowk our vehicle was stopped at three places by policemen for checking. This kind of checking and frisking only happens during 26th January or 15th August,” said a local trader who was angry with CRPF’s for uncomfortable questioning at a drop-gate.

Reports of such measures were reported from almost entire city. But nobody was aware why it is happening. It had led to stranger rumors in the city with the concerned residents seeking information from newspaper offices.

Meanwhile, life in certain parts of old city Srinagar remained disturbed as locals protested against alleged CRPF excesses during “raids”. Shops and other business establishments were found closed in Saraf Kadal and certain adjacent localities. Even incidents of momentary stone pelting were also reported.

The residents of Saraf Kadal have alleged that CRPF men barged in to their houses on Friday and damaged property and beat up residents after incidents of stone pelting took place in the area. “They were searching for the youth whom they claim were involved in stone pelting after Friday prayers”, said a local from Saraf Kadal.

Various areas across Srinagar city had witnessed a wave of stone pelting Friday evening. In a few belts, the police are reported to have mounted certain raids later.


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