Security tightened in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of PM Modi’s visit


Security tightens across Jammu and Kashmir as police on Saturday launched major frisking drive for commuters and motorcyclists in the city ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Srinagar.

Security tightened in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of PM Modi’s visit. KL image by Mehraj Bhat

Witnesses said that local buses and private transports were stopped for checking by forces and police at many places of Srinagar leading to traffic jams and chaos in the city.

“Police stopped our bus at Munawarabad for more than half an hour and due to that I couldn’t attend my tuition classes on time,” said a student while travelling in a bus.

Meanwhile, police seized many motorcycles in the outskirts of Srinagar to prevent them from entering the city.

“We have all the valid documents of our vehicle and despite that our bikes are seized without any justification,” said a youth whose bike was seized by the police.

However, police officials said that bikers who fail to produce valid documents are being seized as part of a security exercise.

Traffic police Srinagar has issued an advisory for the motorists.


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