Senior SMHS Doctor Advises People To Consult A Physician Soon After Noticing Covid Symptoms

SRINAGAR: Dr Rakesh Kumar Koul, Professor, Medicine, SMHS, Srinagar today said that humanity has been struggling with Covid pandemic for one and a half year now and all efforts are being made to  bring life back on the  track of normalcy and overcome the challenges posed by the virus particularly in the wake of second corona virus wave and the surge in positive cases.

As virus has eclipsed health sector in both developed and developing countries, many countries have gone back to the basic planning and strategizing as how to undertake manufacturing of vaccines on a mass scale. Having done that, the stocks are getting diminished due to huge demand and consumption. Dr Rakesh emphasized on following the precautions and covid appropriate behavior for remaining safe from the deadly infection.

He also called for getting vaccinated to increase defence mechanism of body against virus.

However, he said that the effective anti-Corona virus therapy is not available yet, so people should take covid protocol seriously which includes wearing of masks, maintaining physical distance and disinfecting contaminated hands frequently.

While describing and enumerating the common symptoms of the infection like like cold, cough, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, loose motion, body aching, chest pain and breathlessness, he advised to consult doctors soon as these symptoms are noticed by an individual.

He also suggested for continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation of family members at home, which according to him should not recede below 92 percent. In case of decrease in oxygen saturation, below 92 percent, the person should be admitted in a hospital.

Dr Koul stressed on maintaining physical distance though and said that physical distance and pandemic has created mental stress among people which according to him can be overcome through virtual interaction and communication with friends, family and other colleagues.

While advising people to stay in doors and avoid venturing out aimlessly, Dr Rakesh asked people people to keep perseverance and patience till the worst spell of covid is over.

Besides, he said everybody  should get tested for covid by RAT or RTPCR test to clear any confusion regarding symptoms. Covid test will clarify presence of infection in an individual, he said.


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