Shabir Shah to donate his eyes after death  



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Shabir Ahmad Shah (KL Image- Bilal Bahadur)

Shabir Ahmad Shah (KL Image- Bilal Bahadur)

Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah Friday decided to donate his eyes after his death saying he is taking such step for those whose eyesight was snatched by the PDP’s ‘vision’.

According to spokesman of his party, Shah, who is languishing in Raj Bagh police station from last over four months said, “It is my deep desire that my eyes be donated to any of those who lost their eyes during the ongoing ‘Intifada’. Let my eyes help anyone see the world again. As one eye donation can make two blind people see, let’s make the eye donation a tradition.”

He added, “Death in inevitable. Why not leave the world while donating our eyes so that those who lost their eyesight during the ongoing Intifada may regain the vision. As such, even after we’re gone, our eyes will help them see.”

Quoting Shah, spokesman further said that he lamented that thousands of people got maimed due to pellets, hundreds lost their eyesight, and dozens completely blinded during the ongoing anti-India uprising. “We have to explore options for these victims so that they resume their normal life,” he said.

Shah has appealed to the people to “continue the freedom movement”.


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