Shah Condemns Suspension of Geelani’s Passport



Expressing strong resentment over the suspension of passport to All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) chairperson Syed Ali Geelani, senior leader of the Hurriyat amalgam, Shabir Ahmad Shah Wednesday said the octogenarian leader was denied travel documents to participate in OIC foreign minsters’ meet in New York to “prevent him from highlighting the plight of oppressed Kashmiris and Indian atrocities at global forum”.

According to a statement, during his continuous house arrest, Shabir Ahmad Shah condemned such act by government. “Apart from muzzling the genuine voices of oppressed Kashmiris with the might of 7 lakh forces, they (government) are forcibly preventing them (people) from highlighting their plight at global forums and seeking justice from world leadership,” he said.

He said the suspension of passport to Syed Ali Geelani is a clear indication that the “so-called democratic claims of India are nothing but hollow and deceptive claims”. “The world leadership should come forward to see how a powerful nation is suppressing and subjugating another nation with the dint of might.”

Shah expressed hope that during the upcoming summit of UN General Assembly, the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, as always, will continue to seek the world attention towards the Kashmir dispute. “All eyes of people of Jammu and Kashmir are on speech of Mian Nawaz Sharif in UN General Assembly and we hope that he (Sharif) will impart the assembly to fulfil its responsibility (of implementing 18 resolutions) as a solution to long pending Kashmir issue.”

Shah also appealed the Kashmiris present in US to “register strong protests on the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi” who is also scheduled to address the assembly. “They (Kashmiris) should also protest against the silence maintained by UN and world leadership with regard to disputed territory of Jammu Kashmir. When this institution and world leadership can resolve the issues of nations like Croatia, East Timur and Sudan why not the oldest disputes of world like Jammu Kashmir? Why don’t they start referendum here?”

Severely condemning the arrest spree of leaders and youths on eve of Eid, Shabir Ahmad Shah reiterated his appeal to people to sacrifice bovine animals after Eid prayers.


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