Shah Faesal Joining Government, His Tweets Suggest

SRINAGAR: Shah Faesal, the 2009 IAS topper, who had quit the coveted service and joined politics, is apparently returning to government, his tell-tale tweets suggest.

Dr Shah Faesal (IAS)

“Eight months of my life (Jan 2019-Aug 2019) created so much baggage that I was almost finished. While chasing a chimera, I lost almost everything that I had built over the years. Job. Friends. Reputation. Public goodwill. But I never lost hope. My idealism had let me down,” Faesal tweeted. “But I had faith in myself. That I would undo the mistakes I had made. That life would give me another chance. A part of me is exhausted with the memory of those 8 months and wants to erase that legacy. Much of it is already gone. Time will mop off the rest I believe.”

While he suggested that he will be going back to the government, he did not offer any details.

“Just thought of sharing that life is beautiful. It is always worth giving ourselves another chance.  Setbacks make us stronger. And there is an amazing world beyond the shadows of the past. I turn 39 next month. And I’m really excited to start all over again,” he wrote on now-Elon Musk’s Twitter.

In the last two years, there were various reports suggesting his return to the government but it did not happen. This time, by his own account, there is a breakthrough.

Faesal floated Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement in March 2019 and had plans to contest assembly elections. However, the August 2019 decision making by BJP led to his arrest in Delhi. After his release, he gave up politics.


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