Shah Vows To Fight ‘till last troop remains in Valley’

KL Report


Chairman Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah while congratulating people for observing shutdown on Prime Minister’s visit said it is a referendum against India. He said India cannot keep Kashmiris slaves for a long time.

“Today’s Kashmir is different from 1947. Five lakh Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives in their fight against the occupation of India and will continue their political fight till even a single occupational troop remains in the valley,” Shah said in a statement issued to Global News Service on Tuesday.

“We demand right to self determination so that the resource rich valley will be made available for the prosperity of the people,” he added.

Shah while pointing to Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi said that if they believe in democracy, they should accept the referendum of Kashmiris and change their policy towards Kashmir.

The DFP Chairman said those hungry for power can lure the unemployed people towards the promises of prosperity for some days but can’t make them to accept the occupation of India. “What else can be witness to the slavery that whenever on independence or republic day of India or any high profile visiting the valley, troops are being placed in every nook and corner of the Kashmir”?

He said that the people of Kashmir will continue their struggle and India should accept the reality.”For finding a political solution to Kashmr issue, India should take its people and opposition parties on board and search unity towards its solution so that South Asia should be prevented from the destruction of war.”

Shah said Kashmir is not any territorial dispute between India and Pakistan nor is it any law and order problem but is the question of right to self determination. “We have reiterated that Kashmir is an accepted dispute which has to be solved as per the United Nations resolutions or through tripartite dialogue between pro-freedom group, Pakistan and India.”


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