Shifting of civil secretariat will lead to total annihilation: KEA



Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Sunday blamed government authorities for its failure to save culture and commercial importance of the historic city.

KEA Chairman Farooq Ahmad Dar.

KEA co-chairman Farooq Ahmed Dar in a statement said that “The shifting of civil secretariat and main administrative offices will lead to total annihilation of the core city whose damages will be irreparable”.

He said moving en-mass all the core activities merely on account of the clumsy ground of high land value and low intensity uses is the irrational and unwise proposal. It will be the total annihilation of city core whose damages will be irreparable.

KEA warned that if the government fails to take out measures for the preservation of heritage value of Srinagar City, they will organize a wave of protests against government’s apathy.

KEA co-chairman Farooq Ahmed Dar in a statement said that the successive government ignored the commercial and cultural importance of the city and failed in the development of a city.

“The successive governments planned a conspiracy against the city and put its development on hold,” Dar said.

He said that the authorities are putting hurdles to common people of Lal Chowk and traders.

He said commercial establishments and Government offices like roads and buildings sheikh Bagh, sadder Court, KMD, Bus stand, Batmaloo bus where already shifted from the city and now they have proposed to shift the Civil Secretariat and the Administrative offices.

“Shifting of government offices will have a negative impact on the trade and authorities should shun this look into it,” Dar said

Dar urged intellectuals, civil society lawyers and other businesses to realize the seriousness of the issue and put pressure on the administration.


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