For his sister’s body, brother posts prayers on FB

SRINAGAR: The young woman who is believed to have jumped into the river Jhelum is still not recovered. Seemingly, police is using all means to fish out the body but it has not been lucky in tracing her, for the eighteenth day today.

“Dear Allaha listen to my pray,” her brother Irfan Aziz Bota wrote on his Facebook wall. “You are the only one who can create miracle. Just one last time show me the face of my beloved SISTER. & Mask off her murderers in front of the world.”

Bota’s sister Mudasir Aziz is believed to have jumped into the river and committed suicide on May 7. She was a junior engineer – an MTech topper of her time, posted in the Irrigation Department of state government in Ganderbal. She is reported to have jumped into the river near Zaina Kadal.

She was married to Javaid Bungree, a resident of Hamza Colony of Illahi Bagh. They were married in 2012 and had a son who is now four years old.

“For 15 days we are now on this case trying to trace the body,” a DySP rank officer who supervises the operations said. “We have three boats, we got Marcos and we scanned almost the entire downstream from Zainakadal to Wular. Somehow, we are not lucky so far.”

In MR Gunj, the police have already registered a case and investigations is in progress.

“So far, we have not got any clue about the pressures, if any, that might have led her to take the extreme decision. We do not know, if it was her because we lack access to her body,” the officer said. “We have talked to the entire family but there is no evidence that would suggest, it was the result of intimidation. Today we have called her in-laws for examination.”

The officer said they are making the best efforts on both the fronts – in tracing her body and in trying to locate the factors that led her to jump into the river. So far, both the issues remain queries.

But that is no consolation for her brother. “I Demand justices for my beloved SISTER,” Bota wrote the other day. “Day 16 still nothing just waiting on the bank of river jehlum to recover body. Just want to have a last glimpse of my beloved sister.”

(Photographs used in this story were lifted from Bota’s Facebook wall)


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