Situation in Valley alarming, needs urgent measures to retrieve situation: Congress


The J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) has said that the situation in the Kashmir Valley is alarming which needs some urgent measures by the central government to retrieve the situation, which is fast heading towards the early 90s.

The President Jammu and Kashmir PCC Ghulam Ahmad Mir took stock of  the situation with Senior Leaders of the Party in both regions of the State in the wake of deterioration in the situation in the valley inspite of unilateral ceasefire by the Centre during the Holy Month of Ramadhan, despite the apprehensions and objections to the move by certain quarters.

The J&K PCC said there were no takers to the unilateral ceasefire both within and outside and across the Borders and the situation took an ugly turn in the valley on the Borders, as a result, the Centre has to revoke the same.

The immediate challenge to conduct smoothly the Amarnath Ji Yatra and tackle the situation lies on the Centre Govt, as the State Govt has almost left with no role in the given situation, as such the Centre has to feel the pulse of people and take appropriate measures to arrest the situation from further deterioration to the navel from where it would be difficult to retrieve.

The central Government has to fail take all Mainstream Parties on board and evolve a National consensus on Kashmir situation while taking significant decisions to deal with the situation, whereas the Congress Party and other Mainstream Forces always extended positive cooperation and support to any move of the Centre to restore normalcy.

In the given situation, it is for the Centre government to take timely steps needed in the situation and draw a roadmap to deal with the overall security situation and civil unrest failing which the onus would lie on the Centre and State for the ongoing situation, which is worsening further with each passing day.


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