SKIMS performs Hand Re-Implantation Surgery



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A team of doctors in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Srinagar’s SKIMS hospital on Saturday performed hand re-implantation surgery of a three-year-old child.

The spokesman said surgeons re-implanted three digits of the hand of a three-year-old child whose hand had got stuck in the wheel of a motorcycle. In a 14 hour surgery, the team of surgeons was able to re-implant all the three digits of the child.

Patient’s hand

Usually, small children are a challenge for these kinds of surgeries as the vessel size and tissues are very delicate and small but all this becomes possible by proper expertise and the availability of high-end equipment like operating microscopes, micro instruments and delicate sutures, said a spokesman.

The doctors who conducted surgery successfully included Dr Mir Mohsin, Dr Haroon under the supervision of the head of the department Dr AdilHafeez.

Re-Implantation surgery of a hand is a challenging world over, as the hand is one of the primary organs to function in the body. Loss of hand can lead to a severe disability as well as loss of earning capacity of an individual, he added.


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