SMC issues building permission in violation of  their own law


Though the year 2014 was a nightmare for majority of the people in Kashmir due to large scale devastation caused by unprecedented floods, but for some vested interest elements, it provided an opportunity to loot state-exchequer and raise illegal structures.

A man from Rustum Colony Raj Bagh Srinagar shortly after 2014 floods, filed an erroneous affidavit in the court of law claiming that he was the lawful owner of a three storey building damaged completely during flood fury. However, after investigation, it came to fore that he was the owner of a single storey house.

The offender whom an official from Srinagar Municipal Corporation identified as Furqan Ahmed Rather son of Late Khazir Ahmed Rather also with the help of local Patwari enlisted his partially damaged house into fully damaged category. “Not only this he obtained 3 flood relief cheques in 3 different names, thus looted the State Exchequer,” said the official to news agency CNS.

The offender according to reports took advantage of 2014 floods and applied for the construction of three storey house with the Srinagar Municipal Corporation. Ironically, the SMC issued permission thus violating the rules. “The applicant as per law was required to dismantle the existing structure and reconstruct residential house after maintaining the required setbacks. As per the report of Ward Officer, the said permitee had without dismantling old construction started construction of first floor on the existing ground floor in violation of approved plan.”

Despite the negative report from the Ward Officer and the court directions asking SMC not to allow the offender to raise the three storey house, the officials at the helm of affairs in SMC allowed him to go for construction.

“There are some people at SMC who are responsible for abusing his powers. The matter needs to be probed and officials to be questioned on what basis they allowed him to go for construction that was already disallowed by court,” said locals.

They appealed Commissioner SMC to look into the matter and expose those officials who helped him to get illegal permission. (CNS)


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