Some People Creating Instability over State Flag: Govt



J&K State Flag
J&K State Flag

The state Government Friday said hoisting of state flag alongside the state flag is provided in the constitution of the state, so there should be no controversy over it.

Government spokesperson and Minister for Education told KNS that some people are creating instability in the state over the state flag.

“Double bench has stayed another order of the court. It (raising state flag) is in constitutional scheme. Till it is in the constitution, nobody can stop it. Everybody has been using it and paying respect to this (state flag),” Akhtar said.

The state has been embroiled into controversy after the High Court directed the government to hoist the state flag on official buildings and vehicles of constitutional authorities in adherence to the mandate and spirit of J and K Prevention of Insult to State Honour Act, 1979.

A division bench of Jammu and Kashmir High Court today stayed the single bench order directing the government to hoist the state flag.

BJP National Secretary Farooq Khan had moved a petition before the division bench of Justices Tashi Rabstan and Bansi Lal Bhat challenging the single bench order passed by Justice Hasnain Masoodi.

“It is not the court has said that don’t use this (state flag). Some people who are interested in creating confusion and an idea of instability use these court orders to gain political points,” the minister said.

“Otherwise, there is not controversy in it. We have been using flags and we will continue to us it. National flag has its supreme place and the state flag is also guaranteed in the constitution as well. So, there is no contradiction on it.”

Earlier on December 27, the court had directed the state government to hoist the state flag, along with the Indian national flag – a decision contested by the BJP, which is a part of the PDP-led regime in the state.


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