Sopore To Be Tonga Free Soon

Shutdown in Sopore in this file pic.
A closed in this file pic.



If Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti’s direction is any indication then the north Kashmir Sopore town will soon be without horse-driven carts. She has directed that horse-driven carts should be phased out under a similar scheme that was earlier used in south Kashmir Islamabad town to manage the huge number of tongas.

In Sopore’s routine vehicular movement, the biggest hurdle is the horse-cart. While the Chota London has changed a lot in last three decades despite turmoil, the cart continues to remain unchanged. This was pointed out in the weekend meeting of police and civil administration officers that Chief Minister presided.

When asked by the Chief Minister to share the problems they face, SP Sopore said that his town being vital to the communication for most of north Kashmir, it is facing increasingly new impediments as carts block the roads. He said that Sopore might be the only town where traffic police rarely exists and suggested that 20 SPOs be recruited to manage traffic.

This led the Chief Minister to suggest that a similar situation existed in south Kashmir Islamabad where the horse driven carts were gradually phased out by dove-tailing some existing scheme with the banks so that the cart-drivers have a better livelihood. She directed that the scheme be revived and implemented in Sopore.

Sopore town has only 75 registered tongas but actually the number is more than 250. People from underprivileged sections are using the cart to mange their hearths for generations as no government could get into the issue.


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