Special military train with 700 soldiers reaches Jammu


A special military train carrying nearly 700 soldiers arrived in Jammu city on Monday to ensure that these soldiers are deployed on the ground after all COVID19 mandated precautions are observed.

A defence ministry spokesman, Colonel Devender Anand said the military train carrying nearly 700 soldiers, who have completed their training, started from Bangaluru on April 17 and reached Jammu.

“In the prevailing COVID19 pandemic all necessary arrangements including reception, segregation, disinfection and transportation have been made at the Jammu railway station.

“In the prevailing security scenario along the LoC in J&K, it has been a necessity to boost the strength of the security personnel required for the enhanced operational readiness of units deployed in areas of north India.

“In a significant move, a special military train was planned to move the personnel after they completed their professional courses at army training establishments to their units deployed in the operational areas.

“Army has ensured that all personnel had undergone the mandated quarantine period as also social distancing was adhered to throughout the journey, during detraining and screening at Jammu railway station,” he said.

“On arrival at the station, all personnel were screened and thereafter ensuring all necessary guidelines, transported to their units deployed in J&K”. This is the first major movement of soldiers into J&K since the national lockdown was announced.(IANS)


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