Spurious Drugs Row; CM’s Statement Irresponsible: DAK

KL Report


Terming the statement of Chief Minister over spurious drugs as unfortunate and a blatant lie, president Doctors Association of Kashmir Tuesday said that the statement of CM that ‘there is no new report of any spurious drugs’ is shameful and at the same time painful.

“Such provocative and irresponsible statement has hurt the sentiments of people of state,” Dr Nisar said adding that DAK is not surprised with the CM’s statement because such irresponsible statements from him are a norm in past as in Shopian murder and rape case, 2010 killings or recent Gool killings.

“We are given to understand by these statements that he is cherishing the miseries and sufferings of oppressed people of state and advocating the agenda of crusaders. How can a CM pose so naive and uninformed? He is deliberately doing it to shield the culprits to safeguard his chair and political allies,” he said.

“What more CM needs when the recent analytical reports of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization revealed 27 more drugs spurious. When his own colleagues and parliamentarians are issuing statements about graveness of the issue and admit that this is a deep-rooted conspiracy and needs to be probed to the bottom. This contradiction of statements between CM and his colleagues exposes the confused government, but the brunt falls on people of Kashmir who are killed by fake drugs in a planned way,” DAK said.

He said that the doctors are in a fix what to write and people do not want to take any medicine because of fear of being fake. “People go to hospitals with a hope to get treated and instead get poison in the form of fake drugs. It is heartening to see that even life saving drugs are fake,” Dr Nisar said.


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