Srinagar Drug Store Found Selling ‘Spurious’ Drugs, Sales Stopped



Spurious Drug

A drugstore near Ranger stop is alleged to have been selling spurious medicines to its customers for much time now, reports reaching Kashmir Life said.

Sources said that MG Pharmaceuticals situated near the Hamambal near Ranger stop sold medicines to a nearby pharmacy. “I went to buy Mylolife tablets from the store and found them spurious,” says Aadil, a customer from Khanyar.

The drug is being manufactured by Himachal Pradesh based Adwin pharmaceutical company.

Enraged, Aadil brought it into the notice of other people. “They are fleecing poor customers in broad day light,” he said.

When contacted, officials at Drug and Food Control department pledged action and sent a team to get the drugs tested.

The authorities have stopped the sale of the drug.


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