SRINAGAR: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha inaugurated the two-day National Workshop of Smart Cities Mission on ‘Streets & Public Spaces’ in Srinagar, on Thursday.

In his address, LG Sinha said that along with infrastructure and modern facilities, it is equally important to have vibrant public spaces to enhance aesthetics, ensure quality of life, and bring positive changes in the lives of the citizens.

“Srinagar Smart City is a role model for other cities of the country with impactful pedestrian plazas, and recreational spaces by the waterfronts. One can feel the soul of this city with excellent urban design of streets and public spaces,” he said.

At the inaugural session, the Lt Governor talked about various initiatives like Srinagar Square, the beautification of ghats to revive water transport, the rejuvenation of the lakefront, the heritage conservation of Old City, the beautification of under-utilized spaces making Srinagar a great inspiration for experts.

While developing Srinagar Smart City, we adopted a human-centered approach and ensured elements of traditional art and culture, heritage, smart facilities, smart governance, and sustainability are based on social equity to provide high quality of life to the residents, he added.

He emphasized the need to develop cities to meet the challenges and the growing aspirations of the people. “Cities must be flexible to respond to the needs of citizens, competition and changes in the market and nurture core competencies for economic growth,” the Lt Governor said.


  1. If central government would invest all the money earned from sources such as tourism, Power plant,resources and minerals and taxes that we pay Whole Jammu and Kashmir will become better than smart city built in srinagar(Lalchowk). Jai hind ja beem


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