SSM College: Students Allege Harassment, Threats


KL Report

Students of the privately run SSM College have alleged the management is threatening them to ruin their careers by involving police, local news gatherer KNS said.

A delegation of computer Science students in a joint representation have stated that management has warned them against going to media or else their career would be ruined and FIRs will be registered.

“They called us and threatened us. They even tell us that FIRs will be registered against them so that they ever don’t get the job,” students alleged, according to KNS.

College, they alleged, is imposing hefty fines on them without any reason. “When they contacted the head of the institute, she maintains that even the chief minister cannot act against her,” KNS said.

The joint representation reads: “We the students of SSM college of Engineering and technology, department computer Science currently in 7th semester are facing tough times. The management of the college is being extremely harsh towards us. The reason of all this dates back to mid-July when we were given an undertaking by the authorities of the college we have completed maximum portion of their syllabus at that particular time (ie mid of July). However, all the students unanimously disagreed, as at that particular time we had completed approximately 30 percent of the syllabi. However, due to the issues with the delay in our degree, we were left with no other option but to sign the undertaking the next very day.”
They added that they were supposed to complete the degree by August-2014. However, as of now on August 30 2014, they are still in the 7th semester itself. “Every student of our batch (i-e all the branches including CSE) want our external exams to be conducted in mid-September. As we learnt from other branches that the signing of the undertaking was meant to be a formality for the conductance of our semester exams early, therefore just for that very reason we signed the same. However, when the representatives of our class (7th semester CSE) went with the undertaking to the VCP of our college on the very next day, she refused to accept the same, when she had already accepted the undertaking given by other branches. But a single day’s delay in the submission of the undertaking cost us a lot.”

The students in the representation stated that around two weeks later on August 7, after a unanimous apology by the students, they were finally issued the forms on the condition that they pay the late fee till the forms reach the controller’s office. “We were further informed that late fee would be w.e.f 24th July 2014, on 9thAugust 2014, it was also conveyed that the late fee would be Rs 100 per day which was summing up to around Rs 1500 per student on the same date.

Later all the students went to Kashmir University and informed the controller of examination about the issue. We were informed by the Controller examination KU himself that the students aren’t supposed to pay any late fee and the college authorities had clearly lied about it. Varsity sent a notice regarding this to the college. It was weeks’ notice and the university authorities strictly demanded the explanation from the authorities of SSM College regarding the same. The university mentioned in the notice that there were clear cut norms that the College is affiliated to KU and bound to follow its norms.”

They stated that they have apprehensions that the college will do anything to affect them academically “Now we are really worried that we have still one semester to go and we would have to face the strong consequences in future for getting up against what is wrong and unjustifiable. And if that happens, we want everyone concerned, to take a stand for us.”


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