SSM used students in a land dispute, police says


Jammu and Kashmir Police on Monday denied the allegation that government forces harassed the students in SSM College.

A police spokesperson in a statement said that the fact of the matter is that there is a long-standing civil dispute between two parties on a piece of land and Hon’ble High Court of J&K has passed a Status-quo order on 9.5.2012 in the instant case titled SSM College vs Malla Akbar and others. In terms of the above High Court order, Police has been ordered to enforce the Status-quo on spot.

“On August 18, 201818, an information was received by Police Post Mirgund that one party of the  dispute namely SSM College has violated the court orders and has trespassed in the disputed land and started violating court  orders by falling down the trees and making a thorough fare from the disputed land and also attempting to take possession of the  land  in question,” said a police spokesperson in a statement.

“While Police visited the spot and asked the SSM authorities to refrain from violating the  Court orders, the students of the College started pelting stones upon the police party.  College authorities misled the students and instigated them to participate in this act of violation of Court order and resorting to violence,” he said.

“Police used very mild force to disperse the rioting mob. In this regard Case, FIR No. 160 of 2018 was registered and investigation taken up,” he added.

“It is pertinent to mention that since 2012, owing to the violations of the court orders by either party, 11 criminal cases have been registered so far, but it is for the first time that students have been used to settle this personal dispute.  It is also pertinent to mention that in May this year, subsequent to Divisional Commissioner Kashmir’s order vide letter no. Div. Comm/PS/Misc/2018/595 dated. 24.05.2018, a team of revenue officers headed by Deputy Commissioner Baramulla visited the spot to carry out the demarcation of land which was found  to be Kashcharie land and the building under construction was sealed and building material was confiscated on spot and  workers were directed not to  indulge in any such activities that violates the order of Hon’ble Court,” said a police spokesman.

The spokesman said: “It is also reiterated that no student was either arrested or got injured and any such report carried by any news agency is hereby strongly rebutted. Students of the college are requested to refrain themselves from getting involved in this civil nature dispute between the litigant parties and honour the orders of Hon’ble High Court.”


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