Statements of Jaitley, others admission that Kashmir ruled by army: Mirwaiz

Hurriyat Conference (m) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Monday said that the statements coming from New Delhi show that the Govt of India has decided to openly admit that it has handed over Kashmir and the people of Kashmir to its army, granting them absolute authority and no accountability, to deal with Kashmiris as the army wills, with the sole objective that Kashmir remains part of India no matter if all Kashmiris have to be repressed, killed or humiliated for that.

In a statement issued on Monday, Kashmir’s head priest said, “Arun Jaitleys remarks as defence minister of India while defending the action of the infamous Army Major, that in war-like zones tackling the situation should be left to the Military as it requires military solutions and the repeated anti-Kashmiri statements issued by the Army chief of India, this time wanting to instill fear in our hearts and wishing people of Kashmir had guns instead of stones in their hands so he could happily do as he pleased with them, actually inciting our youth to pick up arms and get killed, is appalling, to say the least, reflect that it is army which is in control here.”

Mirwaiz said the level of arrogance of power and contempt exhibited towards the people of Kashmir, through such insensitive statements, no longer shocks the people of Kashmir, as we have come to realize that we are no longer considered human beings by the Indian state and that New Delhi is only interested in a military solution to a political and human issue.

Mirwaiz said, “I would like to ask GoI that if the dispute could not be resolved through a Military solution over the last 70 years, when wars have been fought externally and severe repression unleashed internally upon Kashmiris in which lakhs of Kashmiris and thousands of  Indians and Pakistanis have perished and continue to do so, as a means of dispute resolution, how can it produce a different result now, when the next generation of Kashmiris raised under occupation is all the more determined to achieve their fundamental right to exercise their will?”

Strongly condemning the Uri incident in which two unidentified elderly men were killed by the Indian forces and buried stealthily in the dead of night, while claiming them to be members of Pakistan BAT, Mirwaiz said it is the sad story of one-upmanship and Tit for Tat between India and Pakistan that is played out each day in Jammu & Kashmir and along the LoC and in which civilians get caught and suffer.


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