Stay Alert, Leopard In Ompora Colony

SRINAGAR: A young leopard was seen in the Ompora Colony and some residents have caught the animal’s movement on CCTV.

“The animal entered the house in my backyard where nobody is living during winters,” senior officer, Syed Shahnawaz Bukhari said. “We saw the animal getting into the house but we did not see leaving the house.”

Bukhari said he has alerted the residents suggesting them to take adequate precautions. The residents have alerted the wildlife department and they have assured they will take care of the animals once the days dawns.

Residents believe it is the same prowl of leopards that had taken refuge in the social forestry plantation last year. Then, they were three and the same group was seen moving around in a vast area. Now, for the first time, one of the leopards was seen moving around.

The wildlife is frequently getting out of the forest dens into the civilian population. Though the trend is around the year process, the crisis becomes more frequent during winter when the wildlife faces problems of the food in the snow-covered areas.


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