Stone-pelting natural reaction to repression: Azam Inqalabi

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Describing Stone-pelting as the natural impulsive reaction against the government ‘oppression and repression’ in valley, senior separatist leader Muhammad Azam Inqalabi Saturday said that there are bright chances for putting an end to stone-pelting culture in Valley, if government forces stop harassing people and restraint themselves.

Inqalabi told CNS that stone-pelting incidents are on the rise in Valley just because people especially the youth are being suppressed and tortured by government forces. “Nocturnal raids, illegal detentions, torture, frequent use of pellet guns, tear smoke shells and bullets are the major causes for the stone-pelting incidents. How long youngsters could act as mute spectators to the repressive policies pursued by the State Government in Kashmir,” he said adding that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Jammu and Kashmir Mahaz-i-Azadi patron said that the government would provide political space to separatist leaders and common youth, the stone-pelting culture will automatically end. He said that youth of Valley is feeling suffocation and to give vent to his anger he comes on road and target men in uniform.

He urged upon the government to release all the youth that are languishing in the jails for the fault of their none. “It is not people or youth who are responsible for the disruption of peace but it the illogical steps and repressive measures taken by the government that has disrupted the peace here,” he said adding that it is in no way in the interest of Freedom Movement to thrash those who voted in the recently concluded Indian Parliament elections.







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