Stone war goes Dharmic, Jan Sena volunteers on way to become human shield?

SRINAGAR: Almost a thousand odd religious persons are on way to J&K to help the security grid manage stone-pelters, newspaper Hindustan Times reported. They belong to a newly floated Jan Sena in Kanpur with Balyogi Arun Puri Chaitanay Maharaj, the head priest at Siddhanth temple as its head.

They have neither been granted permission by the PMO not by the district administration but the volunteers are slated to make a move towards J&K on May 7, the newspaper said. Their move is part of their Yudha Vijay Yagya.

“We sought permission from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allow us into Kashmir for boosting the morale of jawans and helping them take on stone-pelters, but did not get it. The district administration also denied us permission,” the newspaper quoted Balyogi saying. He had actually invited media to his Ashram for breaking the news. “However, we are determined to go, regardless of the consequences. If our members are stopped, we will travel in our individual capacity and regroup once we get there.”

He has said they will leave from Shahid Smarak in Nanarao Park and leave in 100 cars and three buses. “The maharaj said a truck loaded with stones will accompany the saints, so that any attack by Kashmiri extremists can be accorded a suitable response,” the newspaper said.

Of the 1000 volunteers, “as many as 500” would head to Krishna Ghati. “We will ask the jawans to keep us in the front row, so that Army casualties are avoided. As we don’t have families to mourn our death, we don’t mind sacrificing our lives to safeguard that of our jawans,” Puri was quoted saying.

The newspaper quoted Puri saying that his volunteers were trained in patharbaji (stone-slinging) to combat anti-national elements as his group is planning patharbaji training centres in Kanpur and adjoining areas.


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