Stop Civilian Killings Or Our Efforts Go In Vain: KHARA

KL Report


Condemning the killings of two youth allegedly by Army in Bandipora, Kashmir Hotels and Restaurant Association (KHARA) Monday said such killings belie government’s claims to bring peace and promote state on economic front.

As per a statement KHARA said such killings will not only hamper peace in the Valley but will destabilize all the economic sectors of the state.

“On one hand government is claiming to be making efforts for bringing peace in the Valley but on the other hands innocent killings are taking place. How can we expect peace in Valley and economic sector to grow,” said KHARA President Showkat Chowdhary.

He has said that the tourism fraternity will not accept any such incidents in future.

“The tourism fraternity is trying its best to attract tourists from other states so that state develops economically and becomes self-reliant but the innocent killings will bring our efforts back at square one,” said Chowhdary.

Expressing sympathy with the families of killed youth, KHARA said Army should bring culprits to book so that such incidents don’t happen again.

“What is the fun of promoting tourism, when all our effort would go in a vain? We had hardly recovered from the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru which hit tourism badly this year that the killings have taken place. It seems government is not interested in bringing economic stability in the state,” said KHARA President.

KHARA said tourism fraternity is providing employment to lakhs of youth who, it said, will go jobless if tourism is not given chance to flourish.

“With the help of good tourism season, many people are earning money and are getting jobs. But such unfortunate incidents will only derail our efforts to promote tourism. If government is not able to curb its forces, then tourism fraternity would stop promoting tourism.”


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