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Strict action will taken against the violators of traffic rules in Srinagar from April 20, this was stated by Traffic police authorities’ in its communiqué to the public and transporters.

Traffic authorities have requested all drivers of passenger vehicles plying in the Srinagar city to wear Khakhi Shirt and Trousers with proper name plate with effect from April 20.

The drivers of LMVs plying in Srinagar city are requested to inculcate the habit of wearing seat belts.

“Some of the drivers have been found jumping the red signal, which endangers the life of road users as well as the vehicle plying in opposite direction. Such violators are warned to remain careful in future as traffic police will strictly act against them, read the statement.

“The male commuters traveling in passenger vehicles are requested to avoid sitting on seats reserved for ladies as already publicized that 08 seats behind the driver are reserved for ladies,” it added.


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