Students complain of water scarcity in Jammu college

Fazil Buchh

Srinagar: Students of Government College of Engineering and Technology(GCET), Jammu on Wednesday held a protest demonstration outside the college premises against lack of adequate water facilities in college hostel from past two weeks.

Scores of the hostellers assembled outside the college premises shouting anti-government slogans.

students protest outside GCET, Jammu

Students said they are surviving without water facility from past two weeks, and have no option but to go to college without taking bath. “Many students miss classes by turn, while those who have exams are forced to go to college without having a bath. The situation has worsened since two weeks, as there is hardly any water facility to even drink. Students have to buy packaged drinking water,” said, a student.

“However, the college authorities have temporarily fixed the water tank but the tank they have provided is not clean enough for the drinking purpose,” he added.

Further, the students complained that overhead tank is dysfunctional due to blockade in water pipes.

“We have been living under miserable condition from last two weeks due to lack of adequate water supply,” said a student and further added that due to this they are not able to focus on our their studies.

Another student speaking to Kashmir Life said that they are 200 students staying in college hostel and need 20,000 litres per day “but tanker has the capacity of 8,000 litres out of which 3000 litres flow out due to the leakage in a water pipe,” he said.

Students further said that even after raising the issue time and again no initiative was taken by the authorities till now.

Meanwhile, students also complained against negligent attitude of a warden who fails to carry his duties by remaining absent.

Speaking on the issue, Dr Sameeru Sharma who is the Principal of GCET agreed that it is a matter of serious concern and administration is looking forward to addressing the issue.

“I have personally informed Jammu and Kashmir Public Construction Company about the issue. Two new motors will be installed within a day to pump the water,” Sharma said.

“the issue would be resolved within 24 hours and will depute a new warden for the hostellers, she added.


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