Sumbal Killings Lengthen The Distance Between Kashmiris And The Country: Omar


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 The Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Monday, expressed grief over the death of two youngsters calling it gruesome that was eminently avoidable and needless.

In a statement issued here, Omar Abdullah said “The deaths of Tariq Ahmad Laharwal and Irfan Ahmad Ganaie –two youngsters at the peak of their lives and with so much to look forward to- are tragic. They lengthen the symbolic shortening of the emotional distance, made possible by the railway tunnel, between Kashmiris and the country.  This is besides the fact that, by itself, life is sacred- a precious gift from the Almighty. Losing it to needless violence is the ultimate tragedy and a loss that is irreparable.”

“Those who dare to challenge this right, by omission or commission are made to pay a price, the kind that serves as a cautionary example to other,” Omar added.

Omar said “I do not have words to express my grief and outrage over this gruesome incident that was eminently avoidable and needless.”

 The Chief Minister further added, “My heart beats with the grief stricken hearts of the bereaved families. If I could bring back Tariq and Irfan, I would leave no stone unturned to do so but alas no human being has that power.”

The Chief Minister said “My words are not meant as rhetoric to heal wounds that will never get healed but are an attempt to shoulder and bear the grief of the bereaved families and console them.”

He added, “I also laud the bereaved families and the communities of which the boys were part of for maintaining a sense of proportion and calm in the face of adversity and a tense situation and not allowing their sentiments and emotions to be taken advantage of and exploited.”

Omar said, “The unwarranted deaths of Tariq and Irfan, harden my resolve and determination to make the state of Jammu and Kashmir into an example where life is sacred and the right to life is protected by the law.”


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